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National Coalition​​​​​ Academy​​

Welcome to the National Coalition Academy's WorkStation. The Academy is a year long coalition de​velopment program brought to you by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. This WorkStation will help you complete Academy assignments, successfully apply what you've learned back home in your community and stay connected to your fellow members and instructors.

Graduate Coalition Academy​​​

Welcome to the Graduate Coalition Academy (GCA) Workstation. The GCA is for coalitions who demonstrate exceptional understanding around the 5 key products and will take them to the next step: Achieving Outcomes. The Goal of the Graduate Academy is to enhance participating coalitions’ ability to implement and evaluate their prevention plans.

C​ADCA Public WorkStations

NCI Trainers Resource Center

This is a  resource center for the National Coalition Institute (NCI) Trainers/Consultants.

In late September 2002, CADCA was awarded $2 million from the Drug-Free Communities Support Act to establish and administer the National Community Anti-Drug Coalition Institute. The Institute serves as both a vehicle for coalition-specific substance abuse prevention policy development and a center for coalition training, technical assistance, evaluation, research and capacity building. The Institute presents an extraordinary opportunity to move the coalition field forward in ways heretofore impossible to achieve, a means to harness the experience and passion of community coalition leaders with the best that researchers and government partn​ers have to offer in terms of evidence-based programming, training, implementation and evaluation. Its mission and objectives are ambitious but very achievable. In short, the Institute will be able to help grow new, stronger and more effective coalitions.

CADCA International Programs / Programas Internacionales de CADCA

Welcome to the International Programs WorkStation. This WorkStation is a web-based platform dedicated to the Training of Leaders Initiative, a community coalition building system developed by CADCA.  The WorkStation serves as an instrument for all participating community core teams to highlight their progress, share ideas and information, store documents, access tools and additional resources pertinent to community coalition development.

Bienvenidos a la Estación de Trabajo de los Programas Internacionales de CADCA, una plataforma en línea dedicada al apoyo de las personas que han sido capacitadas bajo la Iniciativa de Capacitación de Líderes. Esta iniciativa es un sistema educativo desarrollado por CADCA que ayuda a la formación de coaliciones comunitarias. La Estación de Trabajo es una herramienta que servirá de ayuda a los líderes provenientes de esta iniciativa, ya que permite que los integrantes de los distintos Grupos Núcleos de Trabajo compartan su progreso, ideas, información, documentos, y puedan acceder a recursos adicionales que les ayudarán en el desarrollo de coaliciones comunitarias exitosas​.​